In October 2016, a video went viral that showed the incredibly disturbing effects of heroin and opioid addiction in Toledo, OH and Lucas County. A video was taken in West Toledo of a couple in a car, unresponsive, with needles located nearby. It was just one of many photographs and videos that have gone viral highlighting the dire drug addiction situation in places like Toledo and all of Ohio.

Every day there are drug overdose deaths in Toledo and surrounding areas, with Easter weekend of 2016 ending in a total of 21 overdoses. According to City Council, the zip codes in Lucas County where the highest concentration of overdoses occur are in 43612 and 43613, which are in West Toledo.

While the highest rates of overdoses for heroin and other opioids tends to be white males who are young adults, it’s becoming a disturbing trend among teenagers as well, with area reports showing heroin use among teens is up 80 percent over the past decade.

Often these overdose deaths in Toledo and surrounding areas tend to occur in what are called spurts. There will be a spike over a period of a day or two, and in some cases, these circumstances might be random, but in others, there could be an unusually high-potency drug that’s making the rounds on the street.

Toledo is like so many other cities and towns in Ohio and the U.S. where problems with not just heroin but other opioids like fentanyl are on the rise. People are searching for help for themselves and their families. The following outlines some of the options that may be available locally in Toledo for addiction and drug dependence, as well as nationally.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Toldeo, Ohio

While Toledo and the state of Ohio are central in the attention being given to America’s drug crisis, particularly regarding opioids, it can be difficult for people in the state to seek treatment for their addiction. There are relatively limited resources regarding both inpatient and outpatient rehab centers, and there are only around seven centers in Toledo. Many of these centers are outpatient-based, meaning people go there for therapy and counseling, but they don’t receive the intensive treatment they would at an inpatient, residential facility.

Along with a lack of access to rehab facilities, many people in Toledo struggle if they decide to stay local for treatment because they find that it’s difficult to get a fresh start as they remain in the same environment they were in as a substance user. If you’ve made the decision to either leave Toledo for treatment or to stay local, you may also be grappling with whether or not inpatient or outpatient care is the right route for you.

Most addiction specialists feel that outpatient rehab has the most value for the individual as a stepping stone following the completion of an inpatient program, rather than on its own. Dealing with addiction and recovery from drug abuse are highly complicated, individualized situations, which require high-level specialized care.

When someone has already gone through outpatient care and has relapsed and returned to substance abuse, they more than likely need an inpatient program. This provides more supervision, and there can be more learning that can take place. Another reason people might need to seek inpatient treatment, particularly outside of Toledo, is if they aren’t highly motivated in their recovery.

Finally, important to note when reviewing options for addiction recovery both in and out of Toledo, OH, it’s essential to consider the potential of underlying mental issues. When someone has one or more mental issues that have been interwoven with their addiction, these need to be treated both medically and psychologically, and this is something that needs to take place at a professional, accredited facility that specializes in dealing with co-occurring disorders.

The Recovery Village Columbus is a rehab facility that offers expertise across a range of addictions and substance use disorders, as well as co-occurring mental illness, delivering optimal outcomes in many situations.

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Detox Centers

There are several options for detox centers in Toledo, as opposed to some of the smaller towns in Ohio which may not have any. Some of the detox facilities in the area are outpatient, while others may be part of an inpatient, residential treatment center. Regardless of your addiction, a medically supervised detox is necessary. As you detox, particularly from the potent opioids that are commonly abused in Toledo and surrounding areas in Ohio, your body can react violently to not having the substance. This can lead to symptoms so severe that they become deadly.

With medical supervision from a professional detox facility, there are options including medication to mitigate these symptoms and keep people safe and more comfortable while they go through this crucial part of addiction recovery. Some people may consider going to a place that only specializes in detox, but this isn’t ideal. If you want to give yourself the best chance of success in your recovery, going to a detox facility that’s part of a rehab center can be beneficial. This will allow your caregivers to start getting to know you right away and developing the personalized treatment plans that need to go along with detox. The Recovery Village Columbus offers a full range of treatment options, from medical detox and inpatient and outpatient care, all the way to aftercare.

Recovery Meetings Near You

AA Meetings

While people with addictions may choose to leave Toledo and Ohio for inpatient or outpatient rehab, once they return there’s often a sense of anxiety regarding how they’ll maintain their sobriety, and stay on track with the concepts they learned. Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is an excellent resource in Toledo, as well as nationally and internationally.

AA is a support group based on a 12-step recovery process, and many people will have started those steps while in rehab at a facility like The Recovery Village Columbus. During AA, participants follow set steps to remain sober and avoid alcohol, and many people also create a mentorship relationship with their sponsor. This program is based on spirituality and the concept of a higher power, but members can define what that higher power means to them. Most meetings, including meetings throughout Toledo, are held in churches and schools.

Meetings near Toledo, OH

Chapter V Club
5425 Southwyck Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43614

Amazing Grace
Grace Lutheran Church
4441 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH 43613

AA Beyond Belief
Step One Club
2434 W Sylvania Ave.
Toledo, OH 43613

NA Meetings

As opioid addiction continues to grow, as do deaths related to drug overdoses, the state government of Ohio is striving to find solutions. Governor Kasich recently announced a request of up to $20 million in funding to help develop treatments and technologies to deal with the opioid crisis happening not only in Toledo but across the state.

Regardless of whether or not the state receives that funding, it’s important for individuals to take whatever steps they can to live a life that’s drug-free. One local resource that’s free and available to people in Toledo are Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. Some people may attend NA without inpatient or outpatient rehab, but it makes an excellent follow-up recovery resource after attending intensive addiction treatment.

Many rehab centers recommend that a program like NA be part of the long-term recovery and maintenance strategy used by people after successfully completing a rehab program. One of the biggest benefits of NA is its accessibility to people in Toledo, OH. Meetings are frequently held, and there are around 32 groups that currently come together in the area, every day of the week.

Meetings near Toldeo, OH

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church
2001 Ashland Ave.
Toledo, OH 43620

Collingwood Art Center
2413 Collingwood Blvd.
Toledo, OH 43620

Savage Park Formerly City Park
650 Nebraska Ave.
Toledo, OH 43602

SMART Recovery Meetings

Some people prefer an alternative to the spiritual framework and 12-steps of AA or NA, and there is another option available called SMART Recovery. Rather than being based on the concept of a higher power, the SMART program is based on science and research regarding addiction.

SMART Recovery meetings are held locally in cities as well as online. These sessions typically include something called working time, where people talk to one another, and there is also a period of check-in, and check-out and closing. During working time, participants listen to experiences of others in the group, and they can suggest their own options for members to consider if it’s done in a considerate way.

There currently isn’t a Toledo SMART Recovery meeting directly in Toledo, but nearby meetings are held in Monroe, Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Findlay, Ohio.

Meetings near Toledo, OH

Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan
25 South Monroe St.
Monroe, MI 48161

Ann Arbor
3820 Packard Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

222 Center St.
Findlay, OH 45840

Nar-Anon Meetings

There is often a group of people impacted by addiction that is overlooked by many treatment resources: friends, family and loved ones. When you have a loved one who’s addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can lead to problems in your own life, including feelings of hopelessness, depression, and isolation.

For people in Toledo that have a loved one who’s an addict, there is an option to come together with a social support network through Nar-Anon meetings. Nar-Anon meetings are family groups, and they’re based on a 12-step program similar to AA and NA. This is a valuable way for people impacted by addiction to repair their own lives, and also to start rebuilding relationships with the addict they care about. There are several Toledo Nar-Anon meetings you can attend, including one that’s currently held at the Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center, as well as a Toledo meeting at the Harvest Lane Alliance Church.

Meetings near Toledo, OH

Together We Can
Unity of Toledo Spiritual Center
3535 Executive Pkwy.
Toledo, OH 43606

Hope Begins at Harvest
Harvest Lane Alliance Church
5132 Harvest Ln.
Toledo, OH 42623

Sharing, Experience, Strength and Hope
Madison Church of Nazarene
3993 S. Treat St.
Adrian, MI 49221

Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

There are a variety of valuable and effective addiction resources located in and around Toledo, OH. Residents of this Ohio city do have access to supportive services, groups like AA and NA, and physicians who can work with them to create an individualized MAT plan.

People from Toledo can also explore out-of-state inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, as well as options like partial hospitalization, which might be covered by their insurance. For people who don’t have access to the recovery services and resources they need in Toledo, nearby cities include:

Medical Disclaimer

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