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Substance abuse and drug-related deaths are an increasingly common reality in Ohio, and even more so in the city of Cleveland. According to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner, 2016 was an unprecedented year for drug overdose deaths, with the opiate-related death toll skyrocketing from 64 in 2011 to more than 517 in 2016.

The drugs responsible for this uptick in overdoses continue to be the most commonly abused in Cleveland: heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, and prescription and illegal opioids. In a recent six month period alone, the medical examiner’s office reported that 31.8% of 198 overdose deaths involved cocaine, 41.4% were due to one or more prescription opioids, and that heroin overdose accounted for 51% of all drug-related deaths.

Alarming and unsettling, these statistics reveal this community’s immediate and long-term need for effective recovery options. And although the city’s drug problems continue, help is on the rise in Cleveland, too. There are a growing number of resources leading people to hope and healing all across the area.

The following local clinics, support groups, rehab centers and licensed doctors are all dedicated to helping Ohio residents heal from every aspect of addiction and its co-occurring mental health issues. These powerful resources are changing the conversation on local drug abuse and helping more people find the path to lasting health.

In Cleveland, the opioid epidemic is real. But so is recovery. The right rehab center, licensed doctor or support group is waiting for you.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Cleveland, Ohio

While substance and alcohol abuse issues continue to plague Ohio, there are a growing number of local facilities and programs offering a plethora of addiction treatments, with 54 centers and clinics right here in Cleveland. Each of these centers offers varying levels of care such as:

  • Medical detox: This critical first step in recovery rids the body of existing toxins, often under round-the-clock nursing care. The Recovery Village Columbus offers detoxification services 24 hours a day.
  • Residential inpatient: Once completing a detox program, this level includes supervised inpatient therapy in a structured, 24-hour-care setting. Here, patients can begin 12-step programming to begin to recover.    
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): For those who have completed residential inpatient, PHP includes group therapy, comprehensive evaluation, recreational therapy and aftercare planning.   
  • Intensive outpatient: For those who are able and willing to continue their recovery but require ongoing treatment and support most days, intensive outpatient programs allow patients to live in sober housing and practice a relapse prevention plan.
  • Outpatient: For those with current jobs or a strong support system, this treatment is considered a “step-down” approach from residential treatment and involves individual counseling and group therapy.

With such varied treatment options, the best way to know which is the best fit will be to undergo a medical assessment from your doctor. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, reaching out to your doctor is crucial. This will provide you with clarity and help you decide which type of treatment — and which recovery center — is right for you.

And just as important as treatment is choosing an environment in which you can truly heal. When you consider receiving help from a national brand of recovery centers, you often get more than just treatment. Unlike many local clinics, national centers like The Recovery Village Columbus take a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and offer a full continuum of care with comprehensive health services. 

While top-notch medical care and comprehensive healing programs make national centers a great option for care, simply traveling for treatment can be incredibly beneficial as well. While traveling gives you the opportunity to find the exact help needed, seeking treatment outside your area provides an often much-needed change of scenery. This gives the brain the chance to disassociate from the root of your addiction, giving you a clean slate and a better shot at completing any programs successfully. Receiving treatment in a new, non-enabling environment not only gives you the option to choose a serene location but allows the mind to heal free from familiar triggers, which makes traveling for rehab worthwhile.

Here in Ohio, hope for a brighter tomorrow is just as real as the help you can receive today. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call The Recovery Village Columbus to explore your options.

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Detox Centers

For those with a drug or alcohol addiction, medical detoxification is often the first step toward recovery as it gives the body a chance to cleanse itself of any remaining toxins. This critical initial stage is often the most difficult, involving physical, emotional and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that must be treated accurately and effectively.

But while medical detox is crucial to overcoming addiction, it cannot act as a standalone treatment or complete solution to reach sobriety. For successful recovery, this preliminary phase must be followed by comprehensive therapy that seeks to resolve mental health issues, engages individuals in support group therapy, and includes a thorough aftercare strategy.

Facilities offering detox services are relatively easy to find in the Cleveland area, and there are currently at least four local substance abuse centers which can provide both inpatient and outpatient detox for differing addictions and dependencies:

While Cleveland has no shortage of detox centers, it’s worthwhile to consider resources that can provide more comprehensive and complementary levels of care. A nationally established treatment center, The Recovery Village in Columbus, Ohio is home to state-of-the-art recovery programs developed by the leading experts in addiction rehabilitation. A dedicated team of healthcare professionals is ready to help you or someone you know get on the path to lasting health and wellbeing.

If you or someone you care for needs treatment for drug addiction, we’re always here to help. Call The Recovery Village now at 855.524.3140

Recovery Meetings Near You

AA Meetings

After completing medical detox and going through inpatient, outpatient or partial hospitalization therapy, aftercare is the next step in the recovery process. This maintenance phase involves a variety of healing activities such as exercise and eating plans and participation in support groups. Specifically, group therapy is often a vital part of a comprehensive strategy for true recovery.

While Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings do not provide those struggling with medical or nursing services, they can be incredibly beneficial for those transitioning to sobriety. These local meetings give recovering addicts the chance to be part of a supportive group of people who have similar stories. Through sharing personal experiences with addiction, AA members can be honest with themselves and each other, and truly listen to everyone’s unique testimonies. This empathy leads to profound and lasting healing.

Along with gaining a sense of community and camaraderie, AA participants can also embrace AA’s twelve steps, promises and traditions. This collection of principles, truths and practices serve to help people break free from the mental and emotional bonds of addiction and claim self-healing in their everyday lives.   

Below are some current Cleveland AA meetings. View a full meeting list and map of locations at

Meetings near Cleveland, OH

  • A.M. Solution
    Just For Today Club
    695 E. 185th St. @ pawnee
    Cleveland, OH 44119
  • East Cleveland Women 12 X 12
    Phase 1 Recovery House
    1846 Taylor Rd.
    Cleveland, OH 44112
  • Young In Sobriety
    Club 24, Rockefeller Pointe
    2490 Lee Blvd., Rm 203, 207
    Cleveland Hts., OH 44118

NA Meetings

No comprehensive aftercare strategy is complete without continued emotional and mental support to stay sober. Group therapy and meetings are often recommended in a working maintenance plan and are effective in helping patients steer clear of relapses. Like AA, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a 12-step, community-based organization that gives people a safe environment to share their personal testimonies with addiction and learn from people who have walked the same path or are finding their own sobriety as well.

At its core, NA is a fellowship of men and women who meet regularly to help each other stay sober and focus on how each person’s unique experiences can boost someone else’s recovery. Surrounded by this peer support system, members can work through the principles within the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of NA and even create local or regional service committees together. All in all, this group provides a stable foundation for recovery and personal growth as an integral part of aftercare treatment.

In Ohio, NA chapters are organized by regions and counties. Cleveland meetings are part of the Buckeye Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous, which serves the Northeast Ohio area and includes Cuyahoga county.

Below are some current NA meetings across the Cleveland area. For a full list and meetings in surrounding cities, visit 

Meetings near Cleveland, OH

Want to get the most out of your support group? Find out more here.

SMART Recovery Meetings

Practical strategies. Self-empowerment. Science-based mutual help. These are all facets of SMART Recovery meetings, which seek to help people liberate themselves from all types of addictive behaviors, from substance abuse to quitting smoking to gambling addiction.

While AA and NA follow a 12-step support group structure, SMART Recovery takes a more strategic approach to defeating addiction. This group focuses on a 4-Point Program which involves: (1) building and maintaining motivation, (2) coping with urges, (3) managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and (4) living a balanced life. This includes education and training on how to combat self-defeating thinking, techniques for dealing with change, and how to stay away from overdosing on prescribed medications.

As part of a comprehensive aftercare routine, SMART Recovery provides people with the tools and techniques they need to conquer any type of addiction. These group sessions can be attended along with AA and/or NA meetings to help you or someone you know create an increased quality of life and get on the route to lasting sobriety.

Below are the recurring in-person and online SMART Recovery meetings for Cleveland. To find a different group in the surrounding area, visit

Meetings near Cleveland,OH

Nar-Anon Meetings

Dealing with addiction is extremely difficult, and not just for the person using. Family members, friends and loved ones can all be affected by someone else’s addiction or dependency. For those who need an outlet to voice their experiences and want to hear from others going through the same situation, Nar-Anon Family Groups can become a sanctuary and support network.

Similar to AA and NA, Nar-Anon is another support group with a 12-step program that acknowledges a body of spiritual truths, shared traditions and service-minded concepts that boost healing. This group does not stand in the way of an addict’s recovery. Instead, it consists of siblings, parents, friends and relatives of addicts coming together to share their stories of living with an addicted loved one and supporting each other with firsthand knowledge throughout every aspect of this difficult situation.

Below are several Nar-Anon groups meeting just outside the Cleveland area. For a full list of meetings or to find one in another city, visit

Meetings near Cleveland,OH

  • Brook Park NFG
    Brook Park United Methodist Church
    6220 Smith Road
    Brook Park, OH 44142
  • We Believe in Recovery
    Mayfield Village Community Room
    6621 Wilson Mills Road
    Mayfield Village, OH 44143
  • Naranon Tuesday Night
    Polaris Christian Church
    3289 Laurel Road
    Brunswick, OH 44212

Don’t know how to help a loved one dealing with addiction? See some actionable ideas here.

With so many options for treatment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We know the weight of this struggle. Call us, we’re here to help.


Clinics in Cleveland, OH

Ohio Opioid Deaths 
In 2015

Overdose deaths are on the rise in Ohio. Stop the phenomenon and seek treatment from the dozens of therapy centers and resources throughout the state. While there are numerous care options in Cleveland, traveling outside of your community for extended treatment is often most effective. The Recovery Village Columbus can help you heal with a full-service care program designed for long-term results.

Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

While it may seem inconvenient or costly to travel for addiction treatment and rehab, exploring options within a surrounding area can be beneficial in more ways than one. Sometimes traveling is required for those who need unique or specific services, and there are plenty of excellent resources within a short drive from Cleveland.

Seeking regional treatment also provides an often much-needed change of scenery, making the recovery process easier. Free from familiar influences and triggers, new environments allow the mind, body and soul to heal, which makes traveling for rehab worthwhile.

Find the right treatment and recovery center in these cities located throughout Ohio. 

Local Communities Served